Multivitamin Premix Ⅲ for livestock and poultry

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Multivitamin Premix Ⅲ for livestock and poultry

Commercial Nmame

BalanStrong PLUS




For breeding animal only

1.Mix with the feed completely, in order to have a better effect.

2.This product is for livestock and poultry.

3.BalanStrong Plus contains various essential nutritional material. It is able to regulate physiological function, to provide a balance in the animal body, so as to enhance the immunity and reduce effect of stress.

4.Long-term use is allowed.

5.While mixing BalanStrong, first mix with a small amount of feed, then add more feed gradually; or first mix with certain amount of water, then spray the mixed suspension on the feed and mix it.

6.BalanStrong can be fed directly after mixed with water.

7.Stop feeding if the product is deteriorated.

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